Gear Envy

Lets face it, no matter what you say about how a good camera doesn’t make a good photographer, and how a real artist doesn’t need fancy gadgets to get the shot, photography is a technology driven field. And lets face it, if you want a large scale photo shoot to go smoothly, the easiest way to deal with the the unforeseen is to come prepared. The ever present Chase Jarvis is one of those photographers who has the status and client-base (yeah yeah, talent as well) to afford all kinds of amazing gear which would make any photographer drool. He has put together a short video showing how he packs his gear for travel, and in the process makes my gear set-up look down right pathetic.

For even more abuse, check out his podcast in the iTunes store for the 30 extended video where he shows off his full gear collection which makes my set of Hensels look pretty sad.

From a marketing standpoint, Chase is a genius with all these videos. What better way to show your clients that you are technically savy, prepared for anything, not to mention that you have the travel experience to travel with all your gear to exotic lands for a shoot.

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