Monthly:January 2014

St. Louis Food Photographer: Element

A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to photograph Element, one of the newer restaurants in St. Louis for Sauce Magazine. Located on the edge of the Lafayette Square neighborhood in a building that used to house the power station for a hospital, Element features some interesting menu items and a pretty neat open-kitchen dining room. They also have an upstairs lounge which I hear is pretty cool (although I didn’t have the opportunity to see it since […]

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St. Louis Beverage Photographer: Egg Nog

Each month I shoot a cocktail for a column called The Mix in Feast Magazine. For the December issue I photographed Egg Nog. Not like the stuff you buy in a plastic jug at the grocery store. Nope, this was honest to goodness nog made with real eggs and booze. I’m usually not a big fan of egg nog because it’s so rich, but this one was pretty tasty. I know we’re a month past the holidays, but it’s still […]

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Vegetarian Hot Wings with Sriracha

It is freezing cold in St. Louis (today’s high is in the single digits). Luckily for me, this week has been filled with mostly in-house work. Other than a few excursions to the grocery store, and quick dog-walks, I’ve been pretty much been holed up in my warm(ish) studio shooting food and beverages. I am working on new portfolio work, and doing some testing of some new equipment. Lotsa fun!

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