When I shoot a portrait, I love shooting a closeup of something in the room where the portrait is shot, or some detail of the subject’s clothing, and then pairing it up with the portrait image. I think it makes the portrait have much more impact. In this way, two or more photos can have more meaning that a stand alone shot. Perhaps it’s my graphic design background, always looking to frame images in a meaningful way.

I was browsing around Dan Winter’s site and came across this portrait of Mr. Rogers which illustrates this idea perfectly.

Dan Winters Portrait of Mr. Rogers

In case you don’t already know, Winters is currently one of the photo-blog darlings – he’s the guy that every photog, editor, and blogger gushes over – with good reason. His work is tiiiight. Unfortunately, his website is not so much. What is with photographers and their shitty concept of website design?

Here’s one of my portrait of Dr. Girlfriend, which I love, using the same principal.

Portrait: Woman With Clover Wreath

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