Monthly:August 2008

Inexperienced Photog

Dad: Why don't you take some pictures of all the buildings? Little boy with camera: I already took pictures of those buildings. (aims camera towards New Jersey) I'll take pictures of this spot now! Mom (disgustedly): No honey, that's New Jersey. Nobody cares about New Jersey. –Staten Island Ferryvia Overheard in New York, Aug 10, 2008

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I don’t own a car and therefore don’t get to drive often. But when I do I drive million miles an hour, like a spaceship. Kidding mom, just kidding. In reality the car* I was in doesn’t do much more than 55 so I wasn’t going that fast. Pretty happy with the results though. *The car in question is a Nissan Pulsar, which was formerly my grandmothers car, now owned by my parents. This model is freaking awesome. Because of […]

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Me and My Lightmeter

To meter or not to meter. I’ve been reading photo blogs religously for the last couple of years, and the one over-arching theme amongst the digital professionals has been: when shooting digital, use the LCD as your meter rather than using an actual light meter. Nearly all of the pro-photo bloggers that I read don’t use meters, so naturally I stopped using my meter at all. When I started my lighting class at the beginning of the summer, I wasn’t […]

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Model Mania

Boy, do I need to work on my posing skillz. I was tossed into a studio with three lovely models last Thursday without any thought or prep and kind of panicked. “Yeah, um, well, oh wait, don’t move that looks great….beautiful…” Sigh. After a while I got comfortable and was able to give some coherent instructions, but without having a goal in mind on the spur of the moment I feel like I should have had been able to do […]

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