Spanks $2 to Receive

I love this photo of my friend Renee being spanked by Arch Rival Rollergirl Kirsten O’Loughlin at the 2012 Midwest Mayhem in the City Museum here in St. Louis. I originally posted this image on Facebook but then kept going back to it. I developed a black and white version from the original color which I think adds a gritty element to it which I really like. It was shot in low light with my X100 and the resulting grain also adds to the mood. I just love this photo.

Fourth of July

Celebrating our second Independence Day in St. Louis was even more fun than last year’s. This year we threw a little barbecue in our new (and still mostly empty) loft studio then walked down to the Arch to watch the fireworks. Last year we stayed outside the crowd and watched from the north side of the arch at a bar while drinking some beers. This year we dove straight into the madness in front of the Arch with our cargo pants pockets stuffed with PBR. The view was definitely better from the front, no question. Here are a few shots from my vantage point just west of Memorial Drive. I particularly love the one in the middle, of the toddler trying to clamp his hands over his ears without letting go of his LED sparkly sword.

iPhone Weekend

I’ve been utilizing my iPhone more and more these days for my “always with me camera”. Here are some of the images I shot over the weekend running around town with a borrowed poodle and some house-guests.

Summer is Here


Summer is here for real this time. Hot summer nights, open air bars, flipflops, late night steaming subway stations. There is no getting around it, we had a hot weekend.

Dr. Fiance and I had a a busy weekend entertaining a friend of out of town. We visted four of the five boroughs, we were in the East Village, the West Village, Korea Town, Coney Island, Williamsburg, the Upper West Side, and Dumbo. Add in a blistering hot baseball game in the Bronx, and a relaxing picnic in Central Park and call it a successful weekend. I honestly haven’t gotten this much sun without getting sunburned in a long time (for once I was diligent with the sun screen).

June is going to be a busy month with lots of changes going on. I have no idea how the next chapter in our lives are going to unfold, but things are getting pretty exciting around here. More to come.

Walking to Work

I’ve been walking to work for the past couple of months (excluding the very snowy days) and have been loving it. In addition to getting about four miles of additional exercise each day, it offers me a chance to wake up and spend some time in the sunlight before cloistering myself into my cube each day. In case it’s not obvious by my Twitter feed there isn’t a lot of work these days so my cube time is starting to weigh on me. Needs fixing, thats for sure.

Walking to work also gives me a chance to shoot (when it’s not too cold). I generally don’t get out my SLR when I’m walking to work, but I use my iPhone a lot. I am loving this shot that I took this morning a scant 25 yards from my front door.

Xmas tree in trashcan

I love love love the visual of a blurred cab driving by. Not sure why exactly, maybe just my love of this city.



The best thing about Florida is the feeling of being at a resort while at the same time being surrounded by the inescapable feeling that things are just not right. The smoke belching factory on the beach, for example…