Monthly:July 2008

Hard Light, Soft Fill

Last night in class we were experimenting with some hard light as our main light, and soft light as our fill. One thing that I took away was the idea of layering the light in a different way than seems intuitive. In general, as you’ll see in the samples posted below, I tend to put my fill light directly aimed at the shadows – a not very subtle approach. One of the things I learned last night was to layer […]

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More Classwork

This week, edge lights and ring flash. Mostly stuff I already knew, but having someone explain the details and finer points, always helpful. Plus, as I’ve mentioned before, I love being around other photographers and talking about photography outside my bubble – almost as important to me as the classwork, although I’m learning a lot from Clay. Here are a few of the shots I like from last night:

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Working So Hard You Get Carpal Tunnel

One of my clients wanted to add some images of people with disabilities to the library of stock they keep for the company. So over the last few weeks I’ve been shooting people signing, a guy in a wheelchair, crutches tucked into the corner of an otherwise standard office scene etc. I think it’s amusing though, that one of the disabilities she wanted to include is carpal tunnel. I raised my concerns (mainly, advertising that if you work for our […]

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