Monthly:August 2009


Here are some more garden photographs that I made recently in PA. I think these go quite well with the corn photos from last week. I absolutely love the color and the complexity.

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End of the world

I was in Martha’s Vineyard last weekend (along with the President and the Clintons, apparently) visiting some friends who were vacationing there from California. We were fortunate to get the use of a guest house outside of town in Oak Bluffs near a lake, which proved to be a great spot to watch the Friday night fireworks display. Despite the fact that the fireworks were directly in front of us, they were largely hidden by the cloud cover (provided in […]

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Into the sun

I was in PA for a wedding last weekend, and I took the opportunity to photograph things that I’m normally not able to do. In this case I went into a cornfield and made some images. I have been experimenting with some counter-intuitive methods of making photographs outdoors, since my efforts thus far have been unimpressive. I’ve found that my photographs outdoors have been either poor quality, flat and boring, or else very much like traditional stock photography. Now, there […]

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