Monthly:December 2007

Year In Review

2007 has been the first full year that I’ve been shooting professionally as a staff photographer. One of the things I am learning about the photography business is that the number of days you spend shooting is a pretty good yardstick about how well you are progressing. One of the bloggers that I read daily was pleased with 150 days for the year, for example. I decided to take a look back and tally up how I did this year. […]

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Mark Holthusen

Remember how a while back I was talking about pairing images together and how much I liked it? I was browsing over at Photo Rank and came across Mark Holthusen’s site. I am drawn to the dark and gritty styles (perhaps because for the most part my work is bright and, well, corporate). I love the photo set below – what a great alternative to most images related to the food industry which feature immaculately styled photos and warm and […]

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Large Format

Last year we hired several models for a photo shoot for a recruiting campaign at my firm. It was the usual “united colors of megacorp” model search, with all races accounted for (or at least implied). You got your white male, white female, Hispanic male, Hispanic female, African American male, African American female…and so on. There is something inherently creepy about choosing models. It goes beyond who is hot and who is not, especially for corporate. You have to make […]

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Gear Envy

Lets face it, no matter what you say about how a good camera doesn’t make a good photographer, and how a real artist doesn’t need fancy gadgets to get the shot, photography is a technology driven field. And lets face it, if you want a large scale photo shoot to go smoothly, the easiest way to deal with the the unforeseen is to come prepared. The ever present Chase Jarvis is one of those photographers who has the status and […]

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