Monthly:April 2010

The Creative Process is Usually Not Pretty

Photo by Mattox Agatha Christie’s creative process was insane: Her less-than-refined writerly day began with finding her notebook, which surely she’d left right there. Then, having found a notebook (not the one she’d used yesterday), and staring in stunned amazement at the illegible chicken scratchings therein, she would finally settle down to jab at elusive characters and oil creaky plots. The contents of the notebooks are as multi-dimensional as their Escher-like structure. They include fully worked-out scenes, historical background, lists […]

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Will iPad Format Dictate Editorial Photography?

I just watched a really interesting video about Bonnier and BERG’s Mag+ release of Popular Mechanics (see video below). I played with an iPad on the day it came out and loved it. Now that we are starting to see content it is really exciting to think about a resurgence of design making a comeback to editorial content as print magazines numbers continue to drop. The really interesting thing that I took away from the video is the part that […]

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