Monthly:November 2010

Shoot To Cook

One of my motivations for getting into food photography was learning how to cook. As a way for me to learn how to be more competent in the kitchen and to hone my technique in food photography I started a food blog called Shoot To Cook: A Food and Photography Blog. On the blog I try new recipes and attempt to master old favorites. I cook, I bake, and I make pictures. Enjoy! Shoot to Cook: A Food and Photography […]

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Corporate Headshot by St. Louis Photographer Jonathan Gayman

Portrait Photography

Nothing says success like a professional portrait. Jonathan has worked with Fortune 500 companies on marketing materials, annual reports and national ad campaigns. Portraits aren’t just for your annual report either. A great portrait on your Facebook page, LinkedIn profile or Twitter feed goes a long way. Jonathan specializes in contextual and environmental portraits that not only put you in the best light, but highlights your life and environment as well. Click here for more information about Jonathan’s corporate and […]

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Having grown up with a large and luscious family garden, I am drawn to the amazing shapes and colors that can be found in the garden, both during the spring and summer growing months, but also during the cold, winter months when the frost decimates the cabbages and flowers that lay forgotten the garden. Click on an image to view the gallery. Use the arrow keys to toggle through the images.

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Fall Foods

When the fall hits, the farmers market stalls get emptier and the foods that are available lend themselves to warm comfort foods rather than the cool, refreshing vegetables of the summer.

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But That Night

Past midnight on a rainy late December evening in Manhattan. To say it was raining was an understatement: it was torrential, and cold as well. The bar near Port Authority was truly skanky and smelled like unwashed union guys, stale beer and urine. The burger joint that came after the bar was pretty much the same. But that night … no one cared.

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Is My Starter Started, Starting, or Stopped?

One of the things that I want to do is photograph bread. I have been wanting to do a bread related project for some time – though I was scooped on the idea by Thomas Broening who does amazing table top work including a series on bread recently. The thing is, I would like to learn how to make the bread at the same time. Right when I first moved to St. Louis, my good friend Emily sent me some […]

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Work Continues, Progress Happens. Slowly.

I have been working pretty hard at a couple of new projects. I’m learning a lot and attempting to set a foundation for the work that I’d like to do next year and moving forward. As a general rule I am going to be withholding this new work until I have a body of work. I’m trying to be more thoughtful I guess. In any case, more to come.

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