Monthly:September 2009


It’s been a busy week, and today was the first day back in the office. My last assignment before the long weekend was in Minneapolis, and after some trials and a frightening run in with a corrupt flash card, I’m back. Overall I feel pretty good about the shoots thus far and now I’m getting keyed up for a grueling few weeks of almost non-stop shoots. It’s going to be intense, but I’m liking the work. I’m evening getting some […]

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I am in Chicago for a shoot, then off to Minneapolis this afternoon for another shoot. It’s hectic and I’m tired of traveling alone – the excitement of traveling for photography has worn off. I miss Dr. Girlfriend and I’m ready to come home. The work itself is still exciting. I even got up early this morning to get some exterior shots of the Willis Tower (formally the Sears tower) as part of the project. I really like this one…

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