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Photography 101: Test Your Equipment

Today is the start of my second full week in Saint Louis. I had this little app on my iPhone that I was using to countdown the days until the move when I was still in New York and I realized that after it hit zero, it changed over from “days until” to “days since”. I was going to trash the app, but then I decided to just let it keep ticking away. The movers delivered all of our stuff, […]

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Gear Envy

Lets face it, no matter what you say about how a good camera doesn’t make a good photographer, and how a real artist doesn’t need fancy gadgets to get the shot, photography is a technology driven field. And lets face it, if you want a large scale photo shoot to go smoothly, the easiest way to deal with the the unforeseen is to come prepared. The ever present Chase Jarvis is one of those photographers who has the status and […]

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