Monthly:April 2008


I came across iPhlog yesterday, which is a photoblog by Ryan Donnell from my home-state of PA. I love the soft-focus Polariod-eque atmospheric quality of the photos he’s making with his iPhone: iPhone + Photos + Blog = The iPhlog. No cropping, no High Pass Filter, no Levels. Just think of it like a sketch pad…a really expensive sketch pad.

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Canon G9 – Quick Review

Since I started shoot professionally about a year and a half ago, I pretty much stopped carrying a small format point and shoot around with me. When I felt like making photos, I’d lug out my SLR, and for the most part, it would stay in the bag anyway, so I eventually stopped doing that too. After a while I found myself being disappointed when I’d see something I wanted to shoot without having any camera on me at all, […]

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Wedding Photog Sued for Sucking

Actually, he was sued for breach of contract AND producing craptastic work. Apparently he misrepresented his skill set, didn’t bring an assistant, and generally dogged the whole thing. I would have guessed that not living up to the contract as far as showing up with agreed up staff etc would be easy to prove in court. The interesting thing, however, is that the actual quality of the photos was used as evidence. Read the full story here. There are several […]

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