Monthly:November 2009

Post Production

This photo of Avedon’s instructions to his printer has been bouncing around the interwebs recently, and although I think I’ve discussed this before, I think it’s worth mentioning again: Digital post production is no different than chemical post production in a traditional film lab. There is always the caveat of course: bad photoshop is still bad photoshop. Just the way that bad physical retouching is still bad physical retouching. To be good at intensive digital retouching you need to have […]

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Affecting Change

I know it’s a little early for starting to think about the new year, but 2010 is shaping up to be a year full of lots of changes. While it is much too early to talk about some of the big changes that may happen, the possibility of change has been on my mind a lot. One of the things that is going to first and foremost on my mind is where to take the next steps in my photography […]

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On Being Prepared

There is no such thing as being prepared enough. As evidenced by shoot yesterday, nothing I did in advance could help me when the assignment went off the reservation. On one shoot, no amount of prep prepared me for the fact that the subject showed up with her own backdrop and props. I had not been prepped thoroughly in advance and probably looked like a stammering idiot when she rolled out the backdrop). But no matter what happens, you’ve got […]

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Bottle Shock and Wine

I was going through some of my images working on my portfolio and I put on the movie Bottle Shock in the background. I was working on a selection of lifestyle images and I kept seeing beautiful landscapes of Napa Valley on the TV. Dr. Girlfriend and I spent a luxurious few days in Napa and this movie brought it all back. The sun, the rolling hills of vines, the blue skies (and of course the wine). One day I’ll […]

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