Monthly:September 2008

A good week

I don’t have a ton of time to do a full post, so I wanted to share a preview of a project I shot this week. I’m really excited with the results, and I’ll share the full story as soon as I have time write it up. In the meantime, here is a small sample of the results – rough and unretouched. I’ll do a fill “on assignment” post later, probably next week.

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David Alan Harvey Workshop Party

On Friday night, Dr. Girlfriend, my friend Tim and I trekked out to Brooklyn to the loft/studio of photographer David Alan Harvey. David has a workshop called At Home with David Alan Harvey that he puts on twice a year. He describes the class like this: i will spend “one on one” time with each of you to help you choose a photo essay which you will complete during this week….first, i will look at each of your portfolios and […]

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Photoshelter Collection Shuts Down

Well, my first foray into stock photography didn’t last long. Just a few weeks after I was accepted as a contributor to the Photoshelter Collection, the company has decided to close down it’s stock photography sales division to focus on it’s Personal Archive and storage options. As a contributor I received an email shortly before the announcement was posted on the site: “Just one year ago, we started the Collection with a mission to “change the image marketplace for good.” […]

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NYC Photography Now Means “Filming”

The new permit rules for NYC took effect in mid-August, and in some ways they are a bit more draconian than they were before. Pretty much anything that creates and image of any kind is classified under the blanket of “film” and therefore has the same requirements for permits and insurance as a film crew. If you use any kind of vehicle, lights, or cables (or any other equipment) you are required to have a permit and insurance. A couple […]

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Keywords and Metadata

Since I don’t have much in the way of interesting visuals to show off this week (damn, I need to get away from my cube so I can shoot more!) I’m going to do a few brief posts about my workflow for those of you who are curious. I tend to shoot a lot, probably too much really. I tend to get caught up in the moment and bang away a few too many identical frames, because honestly, I just […]

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