Monthly:October 2007

Power of B&W

Converting a color photo to black and white is a pretty standard way to turn a mediocre photo into a good photo. We’ve all done this in an attempt to hide bad light, rough color, or to make a grainy photo work. But there are many other reasons to shoot color and convert to black and white. With three channels worth of of data (R-G-B) you can get much more depth to your images when you combine those three into […]

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Bill Sullivan: Works

A friend of mine sent me a link to Bill Sullivan’s work, which is really quite interesting. He surreptitiously snaps photos of people in various locations to create some excellent visual collections. For example, he conceals a camera nearby where a confederate is drawing caricatures of people on the street. While the subjects (marks?) are sitting for their portraits, Sullivan clicks the shutter from just a few feet away, and apparently the subject is completely unaware. The series that I […]

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Outside My Bubble

It’s been a little over four years since I first started hiring and working with professional photographers, and almost exactly a year since I took my first shots as a professional myself. Working as a photographer is maybe only 50% of my workday at the moment, and it’s definitely the fun half. I’m still doing a good bit of design, and I’d like to be doing much more photography. This week for example, I only have two still life shoots, […]

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