Monthly:October 2009

Transportation In Washington DC

Here are a few transportation related images I made while on a trip to Washington DC this past week.

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Fist Model Test

One of my shoots last week was for the current and previous three chairmen of the client company. It was a tough shoot, due to the fact that I was working alone as I frequent am, and the fact that these were very busy and important guys. I was able to get into the space and hour or so before the shoot and spent the entire time, right up until the point where the clients walked into the room setting […]

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Visual Acoustics

There is a new documentary about architectural photographer Julius Schulman. It looks really good. I may have to actually go see it in the theater. I’m always fascinated to watch and read things about other photographers. Living in my bubble of corporate photography, it’s helpful to get outside of that box for a while and see what the rest of the world is doing (or in this case, what has already been done).

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Nature Photogs Have All the Fun

Nature photographers generally get to see things up close that most people only get to see on Blue Planet or one of the other epic nature shows on TV. Not only that, but they get to photograph all kinds of rare and interesting wildlife. And if they’re lucky, that wildlife will try to mate with them.

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