Monthly:June 2008

View from the Rainbow Room

I shot an event one of the event spaces at the Rainbow Room on the 64th floor at Rockefeller Center last Friday night. The whole place has the feeling of past opulence that has gone to seed. Everything seems like it was totally posh in, say, the fifties, but hasn’t been upgraded since. The wallpaper is faded, the doorways scuffed and dented from years of bus-carts bashing into them … overall the place just seemed worn out and sad. One […]

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More From My Lighting Class

I have been having a lot of fun at my lighting class – there is so much to learn. Last week we broke out into groups earlier than before and I was kind of disorganized with my group as far as breaking up the time appropriately. I guess I was having a hard time getting my head around the idea of making good final images and was more focused on learning how to use the lights. As our instructor said, […]

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Last year I was shooting almost exclusively on white seamless for my firm – the type of advertising we were shooting for was all actual employees for a people first campaign. This year the style has changed dramatically, and while I’m glad to be doing a wider variety of work, I still kind of miss the seamless stuff. If you want to get into some seamless stuff, here is an excellent tutorial that I came across today which is excellent. […]

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