Getting Settled In

So, it’s finally official. Dr. Fiance and I arrived in Saint Louis Wednesday afternoon and now we are in the process of getting settled into our new pad. I’m sitting in our soon to be office next to a while lot of windows, which is a wonderful change after 10 years of cubicle life. I just walked from my office through the maze of moving boxes to my kitchen and couldn’t help but smile thinking about how the walk to the break room in my old office was about the same distance. We have great sunset views from our apartment – I just love the way the light floods in our windows – shadows are awesome:

Our stuff arrived yesterday morning and much to our delight the movers were really really excellent. BJ and Mike from Dodge Moving were super. They were efficient and friendly and actually listened when I talked to them rather than blowing me off like their New York counterparts. They moved our stuff like movers are supposed to move them. We felt so much more comfortable with them than with the New Yorkers. The jerks in New York completely lied about everything they moved, including the number of floors they had to carry stuff (claimed it was a 6 floor walkup when it was only 3rd floor) and doubled the number of boxes on the manifest. Best part is they claimed that we had an elevator but it was broken on the day of the move, so they charged an extra $1000. Our old building didn’t have an elevator. What a bunch of crooks.

In any case, we are in the process of settling in and unpacking and finding spots for all of our stuff. And this weekend…we have to buy a car. Boy howdy, things are different here. In anycase, it may be a bit quite around the blog for a few days while we get sorted out. Happy holiday weekend (we are having a parade here in St. Louis and fireworks over the flooded Mississippi!)

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  1. Missing you guys too and trying to console ourselves with a dishwasher. While it’s no substitute for you, it does dull the pain tiny bit.

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