Buried in Packing Paper

It’s kind of like Christmas in July here in the apartment as the lady and I work our way through the task of unpacking our stuff. Since most of our things were packed by the movers, each box is like a present; we never know what we’re going to pull out of the packing paper. It seems like several doze rain forests perished in order to get our stuff safely from New York. We had a number of casualties in the form of broken dishes and such due to the craptastic packing job but so far only a few things of note have been damaged. My down bubble jacket was torn up because the movers put tape directly onto it while wedging it into a box, and my filing cabinet was bashed and bent into an unusable state.

The worst thing, so far, is my Drobo which contains my backup of all of my digital photography for the last four years or so. When I turned it on yesterday instead of seeing the lovely green lights indicating that everything is hunky dory, all I saw was four solid red lights, indicating blank hard drives. Yikes! After some messing around I was able to get it to recognize three out of the four drives, and it is in the process of sorting itself out (I hope). It’s a several day process for it to copy data onto a blank drive, so I’m hoping my Monday I’ll know if my work is safe. One thing I’ll definitely need to look into is a better backup plan, probably an offsite option.

On the agenda today? Car shopping. We are also going to try to take part in some of the exciting local celebrations this weekend, but car shopping is a priority so we don’t have to keep renting. We have a number of makes and models we want to try, but having not owned a car in ten years, I’m sure this will be an adventure. Xina has her note-taking pen ready so I’m sure by tonight we’ll have a lot of options to choose from.

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