Fette Sau and Beer

On Friday night I joined some friends at a BBQ joint in Brooklyn called Fette Sau (Fat Sow for the who’s at home). It’s an amazing place with tons of great food, dozens of varieties of rare and interesting bourbons, and of course lots of beer. The first time I went to Fette Sau we were drinking beer by the gallon – this time we were a little more responsible and drank it by the half gallon. The food is incredible and the beer selection is interesting and drinkable – one thing I find with places that stock out-of-the-ordinary beers is that most of what they stock are syrupy microbrews that are either too sweet or too bitter for my taste. Try the Bluepoint Toasted Lager at Fette Sau….it’s kickass.

While I generally don’t like to haul my giant SLR with me out to the bars for risk of theft I’d been itching to do some shooting so I ended up taking it with me on Friday, and was able to capture some neat images of the growler and the mason-jar glasses. By the time we ordered food I’d lost the great natural light so no images of brisket and ribs and sausage…of course we devoured the food so ravenously that there wasn’t much time to make pictures of it.


And speaking of the problems with taking a large camera every where I go:  I will hopefully have solved this issue by ordering a new toy. It should arrive later this week and I have high hopes. Readers of photoblogs in general will probably have a pretty good guess at what I’ve ordered…I’ll keep you posted.

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