Underneath the Missouri Sky #12

For those of you who aren’t fans of Pat Methany and Charlie Haden, there is a fantastic album that I discovered years ago which is a staple in the contemplative section of my music library. I suppose it is a coincidence that I first loved the album Beyond The Missouri Sky in 1997 and now, 13 years later I am here, living underneath the Missouri sky for real.

Today saw blue skies when I woke up, followed by one of the terrific and terrible, violent and beautiful thunderstorms that sweep across my adopted city. The storms blow in from the west; angry clouds on the horizon that gradually make my studio so dark that it is disconcertingly like night time. I can see the rain as it approaches from several blocks away and then in an instant it is upon me, battering my windows. It is so quick and brutal that it compels me to stand in the window to watch. I watch the storms with fascination and the tiniest bit of fear that the swirling winds will turn into a tornado cutting swaths through the historic architecture. The storm swirls and bashes against the streets and walls, spraying the cornices and ornamental statuary around me for a half hour before drifting east towards Illinois, followed by another sultry, humid afternoon. An hour after the darkness descended on my studio, the sky is blue and the water has already evaporated, adding to the heat index that makes the high 80’s seem cool to me these days.

And then in the evening, as I’m washing lettuce for our evening salad, I look out those same windows and I’m treated to yet another amazing sunset underneath the Missouri sky.

Once a Day Theory: The theory is that having to post a photo every day will make me a better photog. It’s also a theory that there will be a photo every day. Gallery of previous Once a Day Theory images can be viewed here.

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