Always Be Shooting

Parking garage, downtown Saint Louis It has been a busy week here in St. Louis, and it’s only Wednesday. I had to actually pull up my calendar to check that, since to be honest I wasn’t exactly sure what day of the week it is. We have been busy unpacking and car buying, and while we are getting to the end of the unpacking process, we still have a lot to do. Not surprisingly I’m settling into the new loft […]

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Conservatory Water in Central Park

A friend of mine worked on the project to rehabilitate the Conservatory Water in Central Park and has been wanting some photographs for his portfolio, specifically of the marble that is installed around the perimeter of the water. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to shoot the space, but I felt that to make really beautiful photographs of the marble I needed some really beautiful light. I really lucked out this week and was able to shoot the installation on […]

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Chelsea Liquor Store

I heart my new 85mm lens.

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Some Street Shots

On Monday I am going to be shooting a portrait of a partner in my firm for an upcoming publication. I have been given a photo brief from a designer in London which asks for black and white imagery, shot wide with dynamic backgrounds. The problem is that our office is exceedingly dull, and generally I get around that by shooting close and focusing on the individual rather than the office. This, clearly, is why so much of my photography […]

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Model Mania

Boy, do I need to work on my posing skillz. I was tossed into a studio with three lovely models last Thursday without any thought or prep and kind of panicked. “Yeah, um, well, oh wait, don’t move that looks great….beautiful…” Sigh. After a while I got comfortable and was able to give some coherent instructions, but without having a goal in mind on the spur of the moment I feel like I should have had been able to do […]

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Photo in TimeOut New York

I had a photo published in TimeOut New York this week. It was from a photoshoot of a theater company that I did some pro bono work for last year. It’s the size of a large postage stamp, but still, always cool to see your work in print. Update: Here’s a link to the article for those of you who don’t get TimeOut New York

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