Model Mania

Boy, do I need to work on my posing skillz. I was tossed into a studio with three lovely models last Thursday without any thought or prep and kind of panicked. “Yeah, um, well, oh wait, don’t move that looks great….beautiful…”

Sigh. After a while I got comfortable and was able to give some coherent instructions, but without having a goal in mind on the spur of the moment I feel like I should have had been able to do more. Considering that I almost never work with models in this capacity I assume that practice makes perfect. I have to say that working with models is excellent, and after working with real people all the time it’s nice for a change to shoot people who do this for a living and are able to give you something good, no matter how twitchy your instructions are.


Model: Vanessa Rubio

Model: Autumn Stein

I had a great time though, looking forward to more time in the studio. If you want to see more, I put all the images from that session on Flickr.

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