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On Friday I went to a friend’s gallery opening which was amazing and inspiring and got me all fired up to stop k’vetching about my lack of work and actually start doing some work. It didn’t really hit me when I handed my business card to someone that I was a bit embarassed by my website which they’d no doubt go to check out. I’ve been working on a hardcopy portfolio lately and haven’t devoted any time to the website. Which is silly because I’m not actively looking for a job or for freelance work, so who am I planning on showing the hardcopy portfolio to anyway?

So I sat down on Saturday and took a long hard look at my site, and didn’t like what I saw. A few of the things that stood out for me were the following:

  • I wasn’t happy with lots of the images that were on the site because many of the images were old, and since I’ve only been at this for a couple years, the old work is pretty bad. I’m sure I’ll say that about the work I’m doing now when I review it again in a few years, but there you go.
  • I haven’t updated new work in a very long time
  • Lots of the non-professional work, meaning various levels of personal work didn’t have a space on the site
  • The design was fussy and didn’t display the work in a flattering manner.

So I spent the weekend doing a few things:

  • I removed the work I didn’t like
  • I added work that I do like
  • I added a section called Stories as a venue for all the random work I’d like to share that doesn’t fall into my regular commercial photography portfolio. I should note here that my section called Stories is not meant emulate the great stories by Jonathan Saunders. His stuff is great, you should check it out.
  • I streamlined the design.

Now that’s done I can get on with making more photography. So without any further yammering on, go check out my updated photo site. Feedback welcome!

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