Must See: At Close Range with National Geographic and Joel Sartore

I shot a corporate event at Madison Square Garden tonight and then came home and watched At Close Range with National Geographic and immediately felt like my work was boring as hell. This is a must see for any photographer, whether you shoot nature or not. It is a brief but interesting view of life as a photog for National Geographic. Photographer Joel Sartore doesn’t pull any punches either; the biggest takeaway is that to get that photo that no one else has you need to be out there in the mud or under the horse’s hooves, or surrounded by wolves who want to eat you (literally) to get that shot. He says that his job is not glamorous – in fact it is usually uncomfortable and potentially deadly. I love the fact that part of his “gear room” includes a large collection of highly toxic and chemical bug sprays and balms.

At Close Range is available on Netflix both as a DVD and streaming.

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