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I have been having a lot of fun at my lighting class – there is so much to learn. Last week we broke out into groups earlier than before and I was kind of disorganized with my group as far as breaking up the time appropriately. I guess I was having a hard time getting my head around the idea of making good final images and was more focused on learning how to use the lights. As our instructor said, we’ll be creating sketches mostly, rather than finished art.

Each of us took a turn at setting up the lights in a particular way, and then we shot. The above shot is one of the instances when one of my classmates was shooting. My shots were ok, but not overly exciting. I fell prey to one of my biggest faults in photography – shooting too fast and missing some details. One of the shots I made had placement of the background light nearly parallel to the background paper, which showed the texture of the paper seamless. Clay mentioned that a sure sign of an amateur photog is seeing texture in the background paper. Good to know.



For the next class I’m going to spend more time building an image and will hopefully have something more interesting to show.

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