Megan at the Races

Here’s a quick shot from October that I finally have gotten around to doing the post-production on. This was taken at a steeplechase race in Virginia. Incidentally I picked the overall winner for the cup race that day – a horse called Bubble Economy. Unfortunately lots of other people bet on that horse as well so my one dollar bet only paid out $4. Still, not a bad return.

Lately I’ve been trying to grab concept and location shots on my iPhone when I don’t have my SLR, and I’ll try to share more of these. In general I’ve been grabbing shots that capture a mood, or feeling that I’d like to recreate in a more professional format at some point later. I had been hoping to do this with my G9, but have found that I’ve been having much more luck with the iPhone. Building a library of these concept or mood shots is on my list of things that I’m trying out for the new year as a foundation for upcoming personal projects.

Meghan at the Races

With a little tweaking to contrast and saturation you can make the iPhone camera do some neat stuff. Once again, while gear is fun, it isn’t always necessary to have the best camera to get interesting shots.

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