Identifing as a Photographer

Rockefeller Center
Rockefeller Center on a warm February day, iPhone

I was out celebrating the 30th birthday of a friend last night. It was one of those events where several of her friend circles came together, so I ended up talking to a lot of people that I hadn’t met before, and so therefore was frequently asked what I do for a living. My answer these days is that I am a photographer. When I was a graphic designer I used to say that I was a designer, and then when I started doing more photography I felt like I was in a gray area. For a long time I didn’t feel comfortablte saying I was a photographer and would always stumble with an answer when asked. Sort of like when I used to be self concious when people asked where I went to college. Now I know that saying that I went to community college and am largely self taught in design and photography is not something to be embarassed about.

The bottom line is that when I was asked last night what I do for a living, I realized that I am able to say photographer without being worried that I’m posturing, that I’m not “good enough” to call myself a photographer. I have a lot to learn, certainly, but I think that’s what helps me to make better photographs: I’m always trying to improve.

Anyways, one of my friends asked me how I’m identifying these days, and I said I’m identifying as a photographer.

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