Clay Patrick McBride on Bravo

I don’t watch much regular TV these days. My couch time is spent watching streaming netflix or hulu, so when I watched Bravo’s Make Me A Supermodel last night, I was shocked back into the world of commercials. I was watching because a friend of mine who I met teaching my lighting class at SVA last summer, Clay Patrick McBride was the photog for last night’s episode. It was kick ass (as it always is) to see someone you know on TV, and it was even more exciting because Clay was shooting on a kick ass set which included all kinds of kick ass pyrotechnics. Makes me jealous that most of my “large production” shoots are in offices with accountants.

Other than the photography part the show itself was pretty lame. Since the final four were three guys and a girl I figured they’d leave the girl in for balance, but then by the end it occurred to me that the demographic is probably mostly women, so having three men for finalists makes more sense. But the way that they mold this “reality” is ridiculous. For example they dressed the girl who was kicked off in the most unflattering dress I have ever seen, and then the designer (who is also judge) complained about how she looked in it.

Anyway, nice job Clay, nice to see you get some good exposure!


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