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Over the weekend we went upstate a ways to go apple picking, something that Dr. Girlfriend has been begging to do for a long time. Having grown up with apple trees in my yard, it’s hard for me to understand her obsession with manual labor of this sort, but I likes to keep her happy. We piled into a massive van with six other friends and drove for a couple hours to Lawrence Farms. I didn’t pick anything, but I took my camera along hoping to capture some non-city material. Unfortunately we arrived right when the sunlight started to get ugly, photographically speaking, and left about a half hour before it started to get pretty again. It was a gorgeous day though and I had fun in spite of myself.





Bags of Apples

I spent the first part of the afternoon working with a wide angle lens since I’m determined to expand my vision to include large spaces rather than just details. Of course after a half hour of that I switched back to my long lens. Maybe I should use only a fisheye for a week to get me to expand my skills. The other thing is that I’m generally inclined to shoot portrait, so I was vaguely surprised to see when I was editing that I’d shot 90% of the day in landscape…

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