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Walking to Work

I’ve been walking to work for the past couple of months (excluding the very snowy days) and have been loving it. In addition to getting about four miles of additional exercise each day, it offers me a chance to wake up and spend some time in the sunlight before cloistering myself into my cube each day. In case it’s not obvious by my Twitter feed there isn’t a lot of work these days so my cube time is starting to […]

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Some Street Shots

On Monday I am going to be shooting a portrait of a partner in my firm for an upcoming publication. I have been given a photo brief from a designer in London which asks for black and white imagery, shot wide with dynamic backgrounds. The problem is that our office is exceedingly dull, and generally I get around that by shooting close and focusing on the individual rather than the office. This, clearly, is why so much of my photography […]

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