New Work: Cheese Boards for Feast Magazine

I had a fun shoot for Feast Magazine a couple of months ago, right before Easter. It was fun to spend some time back in the small downtown studio as opposed to the big one I’m now working out of in the county. Don’t get me wrong, the big studio is awesome – the extra elbow room is fantastic (and it is also pretty great working with a larger team). But sometimes the small, streamlined shoots can be fun as well. In any case, can’t go wrong with cheese!

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COLOR Magazine Bronze Award

I was at my favorite bookstore, Left Bank Books today and much to my surprise I found that the latest issue of COLOR Magazine was already on the shelves (as of this writing they have not updated their website to the current issue). I have been eagerly awaiting the publication of their most recent special issue because I was lucky enough to be chosen for a Bronze award which is featured in this issue! The image that was chosen for the award was from a personal project called Vegetation that I have been working on over the years.

While corporate and commercial photography is the mainstay of my business, I do a lot of personal work on the side (including my food blog Shoot To Cook). While the work that I do on my own is very different from my commercial work, I find that doing personal projects really helps to add depth to the commercial work. Spending time focusing on color and abstraction is a great creative outlet for me as well.

I have always had a fascination with the color and beauty which can be found in vegetation, specifically in the every day flora that we come across every day. One of the plants that I find to be absolutely gorgeous is the every day cabbage. Not only do I like to eat cabbage but the layered leaves and variety of colors are simply amazing. The image that was chosen by COLOR was one of the first cabbage shots I made in my father’s garden in Pennsylvania. It was late in the season and this particular cabbage was one that was left in the garden past the frost.

Below is the image that was awarded the Bronze Award by COLOR Magazine as well as a slideshow of the entire Vegetation Series (which is still a work in progress). In addition to my photograph there is some really amazing work in the issue so I would urge you to stop by your local bookstore and pick up a copy.

COLOR Magazine Bronze Award: Cabbage #2

Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, 2008. Photograph by Jonathan Gayman

Food Gallery

Jonathan is also a food photographer in St. Louis. He publishes a food blog called Shoot To Cook which features his recipes and experimentations in the kitchen. Check out his portfolio for some of his recent work as well as the samples below.

This is a gallery of some on his recent work.

Click on an image to view the gallery. Use the arrow keys to toggle through the images.

Got a food photography project that needs a photographer? Jonathan would love to be involved! If you’re interested in booking Jonathan for a job check out the contact page.