Healthy Hawaiian Pizza

I love making pizza at home, and have gotten pretty good at a variety of different styles and crusts. When I make pizza at home, in general, it is much more healthy than it is when I go out for a pie, if for no other reason than I make my pizza’s smaller at home, and I usually go with minimal toppings for both taste and practicality (home made pizzas can get easily bogged down with heavy toppings). As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I’m spending the year being trained in better eating habits and exercise by the Precision Nutrition (PN) program (so far the results have been pretty amazing). Part of this weekend’s lesson was the challenge to make a truly healthy pizza. As usual, I started with a base recipe found in Gourmet Nutrition (a PN publication) and made a few changes based on my personal preferences and what I had around the house for ingredients.

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