Walking to Work

I’ve been walking to work for the past couple of months (excluding the very snowy days) and have been loving it. In addition to getting about four miles of additional exercise each day, it offers me a chance to wake up and spend some time in the sunlight before cloistering myself into my cube each day. In case it’s not obvious by my Twitter feed there isn’t a lot of work these days so my cube time is starting to weigh on me. Needs fixing, thats for sure.

Walking to work also gives me a chance to shoot (when it’s not too cold). I generally don’t get out my SLR when I’m walking to work, but I use my iPhone a lot. I am loving this shot that I took this morning a scant 25 yards from my front door.

Xmas tree in trashcan

I love love love the visual of a blurred cab driving by. Not sure why exactly, maybe just my love of this city.