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Professional Portraits and Head Shots

Jonathan specializes in professional portraits and head shots which can be used in annual reports, advertising, and social media. He offers an exceptional, personalized portrait experience which will provide you with images specific to your marketing needs. Jonathan also has extensive experience working with corporate identity, so if you’ve been working with a branding specialist, Jonathan can tailor your shoot to fit your company’s existing look.

Corporate and Professional Photography


Jonathan has more than a decade of experience working in the corporate world. Before starting his own business, Jonathan spent more than five years as a staff photographer for a leading financial firm in New York City. His subjects have included Fortune 100 CEOs and CFOs, national sports team owners, national and independent business owners, real estate agents, a former Miss America, and even the occasional presidential candidate. His extensive experience in the corporate environment enables him to deliver top quality images quickly and on budget. Jonathan’s work has appeared in national publications like FORTUNE magazine and numerous national and global annual reports.


Jonathan has a passion for creating images, and he feels that all photography should be beautiful (even corporate head shots). His perspective and eye will give your portrait a sense of quality and success, and he will work with you to find creative solutions. His background in graphic design gives him insight into how his photography will be used in printed publications and on the web. If you are working with a creative team, Jonathan will work with them to produce unique and professional images, whether they are for a simple portrait, a social media campaign, an annual report, or a corporate website.

Working With Executives

Jonathan has a lot of experience photographing people with big personalities and knows how to work with executives at all levels. With more than ten years working for the financial industry, Jonathan is able to bring his understanding of corporate culture to every photo shoot. He understands that most of his subjects are not professional models and is able to put them at ease. He has photographed business professionals at all points in their careers, from CEOs and CFOs, to first year staffers and interns. His calm manner and professionalism ensure that he can deliver the best quality product no matter who is on the other side of his camera.

Corporate and Professional Photography

Time is Money

Time is the one thing that most executives don’t have enough of. Jonathan is able to work around your schedule and get the job done right, the first time. He will also work with you to deliver outstanding images to you as quickly as possible.

You Are Where You Work

Jonathan also has extensive experience working on location. Why settle for a typical studio head shot when Jonathan can use your own work space to craft a portrait that defines not only you, but the environment in which you work as well.

Corporate and Professional Photography


One of the best ways to promote your brand is by including portraits or head shots of your team. Jonathan can photograph everyone on your team either in the studio or on location at your offices. Jonathan carefully documents each session so that he can match the lighting and style at any time in the future, ensuring a consistent look when you add members to your team!

Corporate and Professional Photography


Making great images is only part of what Jonathan has to offer. He can also provide an unparalleled level of service. He can provide fast turnaround on high quality and color corrected images either via DVD or FTP directly to your server. He can also provide secure, password protected online galleries that you and your team can review. His galleries feature lightboxes for image selection as well as download capacity for both high and low res versions of the images. In most cases, you will be able to review proofing images a few hours after the shoot has wrapped.


Jonathan would be happy to discuss your unique photography needs whether they are in the St. Louis area or elsewhere around the country. Please call (314) 514-5238 or send an email to for a consultation.

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