How does everyone feel about titles? When I was in college I would tend to make up romantic, moody, and cryptic (read idiotic and random) titles for my photography. For example titles like “Existential wasteland” and “Thought unfurled” and the ever popular “untitled” followed by a random number  – more than four to show it’s part of a series but under 20 to show that I’m choosy. All of these titles could have been applied to a ubiquitous image of a deserted swing set on a rainy day or some other pretentious and predictable art photograph. I should dig out some of those college images for a lark.

Having grown out of that phase I tend to employ fairly descriptive titles or obviously witty or ironic titles on occasion. Perhaps this is a result of my career being focused on commerical photography versus the fine art aspect of the medium.

What are you doing with your image titles these days?

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