Moll’s Cup No. 3 for Sauce Magazine

I worked on a number of assignments for Sauce this month including a feature called The List, where Sauce talks about “the people, places, dishes and drinks we love.” As part of that assignment I photographed the Moll’s Cup No. 3 Cocktail, the brainchild of bartender Jeffrey Moll, Jr. Moll makes his own Pimm’s-eque liquer, mixes it with house-made pastis, and then bottles it with carbonated ginger-infused water in individual serving sizes. This is really helpful when serving, because the garnish takes quite a bit of time to prepare. To say that it is a garnish is not really fair … as Sauce put it, the fruit is an “edible work of art.”

Sauce has a lot of amazing photographers who contribute to the publication, and their covers are always gorgeous. I am flattered that my photo of the Moll’s Cup No. 3 made the cut this month. Check out the full issue at or if you live in the St. Louis area pick up a hardcopy at your local newsstand.

Sauce Magazine Cover April 2014

Photograph by St. Louis Beverage Photographer Jonathan Gayman.

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