Mark Holthusen

Remember how a while back I was talking about pairing images together and how much I liked it? I was browsing over at Photo Rank and came across Mark Holthusen’s site. I am drawn to the dark and gritty styles (perhaps because for the most part my work is bright and, well, corporate). I love the photo set below – what a great alternative to most images related to the food industry which feature immaculately styled photos and warm and steamy kitchens that you see so frequently. These images make me think of pounding cleavers, blazing gas burners, sweaty sou chefs yelling, and the all the other realities that are a behind the doors of the modern kitchen. With all that brutal activity going on, the chef is calm and serious, ensuring brilliance in the kitchen. These images say that this isn’t a celebrity chef on Food TV, this is a guy down in the trenches getting food made. I love it.

Mark Holthusen Photography

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