Shoot To Cook February 2013 Roundup

February Shoot To Cook Roundup

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to get back into regular posts over at my food and photography blog, Shoot To Cook. Business has been really great, particularly in the last year (shout out to all of my awesome clients, new and old!), but an unfortunate side affect of my success has been that I’ve been too busy shooting to spend as much time in kitchen as I’d like. In addition to my love of food photography, I love the actual act of doing the cooking. There is something soothing about chopping, sautéing, roasting, baking … and of course tasting, that really helps to ground me when work gets crazy.

February was the month that I really got down to business with Shoot To Cook. Who actually starts their new year’s resolutions in January anyway? I finally got around to updating my WordPress theme: this month I launched a new, cleaner layout that is visually similar in with my site here at I have put together a a recipe gallery so that you can browse recipes by photograph. Finally, I actually did some cooking and I kept up with my goal of posting one new recipe a week. Here is a roundup of the recipes I’ve experimented with this month. Enjoy!

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