Dance Parade!

While packing for the big move this weekend, I was surprised to hear a massively loud drum line outside my apartment. I’d noticed metal police barricades up along Saint Marks Place but didn’t really think there would be a parade on my little street. But parade there was, the 4th Annual NYC Dance Parade. It was a mixed bag of costumed dancers, matching t-shirted amateurs, and a whole lot of noise and fun. Overall everyone who danced past my apartment seemed to be having a good time.

I initially went out on street level to photograph the parade, but was getting unsatisfactory results. I felt the images I was creating were run of the mill and not very interesting. So I went back into my apartment and photographed the parade from above on my fire escape. I really liked the distorted perspective and the graphic quality that the tree leaves added to the compositions.

I think some of the hoola hoops images were particularly successful. They have me thinking of a potential series project…

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