Fist Model Test

JG-Lighttest01One of my shoots last week was for the current and previous three chairmen of the client company. It was a tough shoot, due to the fact that I was working alone as I frequent am, and the fact that these were very busy and important guys. I was able to get into the space and hour or so before the shoot and spent the entire time, right up until the point where the clients walked into the room setting up as many different shots as possible. This was fairly difficult to do alone, and I was sweating the last set up, to be sure. When I’m working alone, I frequently use my hand to see how my light is falling (fist versus flat hand to be a little closer to a round head) and then usually I try to step in front of the camera myself. However, I don’t like to use a tripod, so it’s often just quicky hand held shot. It’s not ideal, but working alone without an assistant, I’d rather have a goofy shot of myself as a general guide then walking in blind when the client arrives.

I’ll post the final shots from the session once they are published.

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